Refit 3

January 2008

The deck hardware is being prepared for installation now that the topsides are complete and the internal panelling installed. The sections of 2.7mm laminate were glued in place then trimmed using a router (using the window openings as the guide). The joins will be covered with wood trim. The last of the major hardware expenses - 2 self tailing ST50 Arco winches have arrived. I intend using 2 of the Barlow halyard winches removed from the cabin top for spinnaker winches.

The window frames and perspex are ready for installation when slightly longer screws are obtained - they will look something like the above. The hull meanwhile is waiting on a final covering of "gunk" as it is described and an undercoat before the antifoul. Above the waterline should come up with a polish only. There are a few small chips in the stern which will need patching but other than that the hull will soon be finished ready for the thru hull installations and plumbing.

February 2008

Progress has slowed again due to my work commitments and changes in ownership of Superior Spars - we are now waiting on Craig to start putting the final touches to the deck hardware and mast. In the meantime the hull is 2 undercoats off antifoul.

- So far - about 2 months later than expected and pobably $8k over budget and climbing (there was no intention of stripping the interior, providing anchor winches, re-painting topsides, re-chroming fittings, total re-wiring and replumbing, etc when the budget was formulated).

Nearing the end of the hull work - a light sand and the fitting of the thru hull fittings then a wait until the final undercoat followed by antifoul within 12 hours.

Interior also slowly taking shape with slowly the operative word. People who should know have told me that it won't be finished on my schedule - I'm sure it would have if I had the time. A few hours a week is not enough. The laminate is completed and the window frames in place (not yet sealed and mounted permanently) and the rear hatch mount prepared (require enlarging the opening in the cabin roof by about 6 inches).

Teak veneer has been ordered and should be applied in 4 or 5 weeks and then the trim can be fixed. The photo below gives and idea of what the coachroof will look like with windows in place. Sikkens oiling of the grab rails, toe rail and hatch surrounds just completed along with bulkhead compass mounting.

March 2008

And now for another major decision - the above waterline paintwork (which I thought was gelcoat) has apparently already been painted. My intention was to buff up the hull and that's about all. However, we have found that the paint is patchy in places and with a little rubbing the top coat will rub off leaving undercoat exposed. The decision is either to leave it for 18 months and then have it painted or spend the money now - there goes a new main sail! Decision made - Morning Magic is to become a blue hull with white trim and waterline. Wrong again! The hull is not as uniform as I'd thought and my expert painter (Bruce) convinced me that a navy blue gloss will show up the hull imperfections - better to stick with the off white rather than torture board significant areas of the hull. So the hull will be off white (with navy trim, waterline and maybe some additional stripes).

April 2008

Olin's birthday is rapidly approaching and there is now no chance of getting near the water before May or June. The above waterline has been primed and with a few hours sanding is almost ready for the top coat. Delays again due to illness and work priorities has meant that no work has been possible for the last few weeks.

After pumping out over 80 litres of diesel from the fuel tank we finally got the tank out from under the port divan and sure enough a small hole was discovered in the seam. The tank is now with Superior Masts & Rigging to be fixed. A LCD TV and new electric head have been purchased and the framework commenced in the port pilot berth to construct bookcases, storage and mounting for the TV. The starboard pilot berth will remain as a berth. Happy birthday Olin!

With Joe Tarantino's help the skin fittings, tranducer and log are now installed (difficult to be both inside and outside the hull at the same time). The fuel tank has been repaired and pressure tested although I don't expect too many years service (4 holes being repaired).


May 2008 -

Interior painting has now been finished along with sea cock installation. The new bow fitting is being fabricated along with the mast collar. Apart from misplacing halyard fittings and the mast base the rigging is going well. Inside the teak veneer is ready for installation. The genoa winches have been removed ready for mounting the new Arco ST50 self tailing winches

15 1200mm lengths of teak veneer is in the process of being applied inside. Outside the bottom has had its final sand ready for the final undercoat and antifoul. Plastic holding tank made to measure. Inlet and vent connections shown. Outlet is in the bottom on the right side. Expecting to take the waste from the Jabsco electric toilet to the tank inlet (above waterline) while the output goes to a Y valve to select discharge or pump out.

The tank will be secured behind a panel with an inspection port.

June 2008 -

It's now 14 June and while she was ready to emerge from the shed it hasn't quite happened. Small matter of no winches to strap her onto the cradle.

That was last week - this week the new winches are fitted (including the spinnaker winches) but still in the shed. Should be released in a couple of days.

In the meantime, wiring and construction of a bookcase and mount for a LCD TV proceeds. The photo below gives an idea of how the teak has come up on the bulkheads. Morning Magic about to emerge from the shed 4 June 2008.

We are on the move!!! 18 June 2008. The mast is also finished and ready to be stepped. Looks beautiful thanks to Lisa, Craig and Matt. Joe has also finished the head plumbing.

Now that we are outside things are progressing - the mast is to be stepped on Thursday 3/7/08. Interior lacquering is complete and have started on the hull liner. Wiring and cabling is well on the way. Expect to be back in the water around the end of July or August 2008.

July 2008-

The mast went up a day late but what's a day in 400? More cabling, joinery for the battery and anchor winch, more hull lining, and mucking about. Cables from the mast have been run. Rather than run cables loosely through the hull I have elected to use the square and rectangular profile conduit. On the starboard side I have the transducer cables (log, depth and wind from the mast) with mast lighting, cabin lighting, speaker. On the port side I have a larger rectangular profile containing high current cables for paralleling/charging the forward battery, lighting, speaker, 12v outlets, emergency nav lights. Under floor the VHF arial cable and 12v for bilge pump and water pump. Through the ceiling (when I've worked out what to do about lining) will be some lighting and power for the instruments.

The boot stripe is also now on.

Safety lines are currently being replaced and internal potable water and waste plumbing commenced. A couple of leaks around window screws to be attended to and the mass of wires brought back to the switchboard now ready for terminating. The switchboard panel (with VHF, CD radio, Volvo controls) needs to be able to be removed as a unit so all cabling is being terminated in plug/sockets.

We now have a tentative arrangement for re-launching - in the week commencing 11 August. The date is determined by my painter Bruce, from GHD Studios, having a couple of weeks leave then allowing 2 weeks for suitable days weather wise to polish and apply the final antifoul.

By that time we should have a new bilge pump operating and the wiring/plumbing completed. Unfortunately Joe Tarantino isn't well and that has slowed internal plumbing and fitout. I'm wishing Joe all the best.

Craig and Matt have been busy with safety line replacement, deck fittings (clutches, winches, organisers), finishing the anchor winch and aligning the mast. Cabling termininations are proceeding along with hull lining and reinstallation of cushions.

August 2008 -

Work continues rather slowly - the hull has now been polished and the Sail Drive leg antifouled. All is now in readiness for the final antifoul and launching. We have still much to do below and a few more items like the blocks and jib sheet cars on deck. The main sheet traveller is also being replaced.

A possible solution to the ceiling headlining has been found - more about that later. The 240v shore power is complete but the 12v terminating is continuing along with last minute cable runs. The construction of the bookcases is almost complete while I am about to start on the forward battery and joinery in the V berth.

Hot water looks like being delayed so the plumbing will be confined to cold water at this point. A Jabasco pump and accumulator has been installed for pressurised water. The Plastimo stove & oven has been sitting in my office for months now - almost time to start that installation too.

Supreme Marine are to complete the service on the Volvo Sail Drive this week. Once I finish the electrics and the fuel leak we will be able to take her out for some motorised sea trials.

David Ryan has been examining the current complement of sails - maybe another season in the main, genoa can't be adapted to the furler so looking at No 2 and 3 to see if there is any life left in them. Longer term he will fabricate a new main and genoa.

Bruce Marsom from GHD Studios did an excellent job on Morning Magic's paint work. She certainly looks like a new boat which is not that far from fact. Craig and Matt from Superior Masts and Spars also performed brilliantly to get the rigging sorted out. Again, the only things not touched were the stauntions and pushpit.

The rigging has been adjusted, mast top fittings in place (VHF, anometer, windex), radar reflector and halyards run so she is starting to look like she could do some sailing. Down below the wiring continues along with installing the auto bilge pump. Purchased the superceded ST4000 from Bob Clow which on first glance fits perfectly on the cockpit locker side of the cockpit.

One problem has re-surfaced. I had thought that my diesel leak was due to tank corrosion but after having it repaired and pressure tested and 50lt of diesel loaded I find there is fuel in the bunded area. Damn - it turns out to be the only piece of hose I haven't replaced - the feed pipe to the tank has a crack where it enters the tank and in spite of my double hose clips it leaks!

More hose replacement of the type I had so much trouble with replacing the cockpit drains.