Refit 4

September 2008 -

Not a lot to report - very slow finishing off the wiring and internals. The motor service hasn't happened yet as a result of my slowness in finishing the electrics.

Small jobs being finished off. Sisalation fitted to the cabin ceiling in preparation for the lining. Most jobs need doing two or three times before I get them right. Forward ventilator now doesn't leak but the fuel leak is still there! Maybe it wasn't the hose. More investigation needed.

Costs continue to rise as bills are finalised for hull and rigging refurbishment but should slow appreciably now - costs to date all up around $112,500 but this includes insurance, TV, survey, slipping, transport from Pittwater, etc, etc.

The only appreciable costs remaining are a couple of new sails and dodger.

October 2008 -

The 30 hour service on the Volvo is complete so we are nearing sea trials. A bit more wiring and plumbing to go. The TV and now the stove has been mounted but gas plumbing still outstanding. Started in the forward berth where a 3rd battery is to be installed to power the anchor winch and toilet. The foreberth hull liner is next to go on.

The deisel leak is interesting in that it gets to a level and doesn't go any further which indicates the leak to be higher in the tank. Foreward liner cut to size and teak toerail received a long overdue coat of Sikens.

Jason from Mermaid Marine Covers has set up the frame for the dodger and finalised the design so we will have a nice new navy blue addition before long. The forward liner is installed and the ceiling tacked in place - the sisalation coupled with the felt backing of the ceiling mat has made a noticeable impact on heat in the saloon. Still haven't finished wiring but with the purchase of a new battery or two that should speed up. Also need to source a gas tank and plumber to install the oven.

Installed two GEL 100AH 700CCA batteries and a voltage sensitive relay, finished off the ceiling (almost), fitting trim here and there.

November 2008 -

David Ryan (sailmaker) has examined all the sails and we have decided on a new genoa and main but in the meantime he is going to adapt the No2 jib for the furler with UV strip, etc. The No4 jib is still in excellent condition so it will be adapted as well. The storm sail and storm trysail are also in good condition apart from the corroded rings which he is going to replace. The drifter is also useable after he replaces one of the rings so we will have a spare main and a genoa that is too light to be of much use.

Back inside I found that I am short a couple of cables from the forepeak back to the cockpit for the anchor winch! At least now I've checked all the circuits and have all nav lights (and emergency nav), cabin leds, pumps, radios and instumentation operating. And the motor reliably starts and stops.

Plumbing to the head will be the next challenge while trying to avoid more holes than are absolutely necessary to feed the hoses. Hot water not yet resolved.

And the new dodger.

December 2008 -

With a name and registration number. Not long now. Awaiting some sails and a hot water service (probably delay further). We now have 27m of L type 8mm SC chain on the anchor winch. Wiring still not completed.

More wiring to a solar panel but forward winch & head still to be wired along with the voltage sensitive relay between the batteries.

Our old sails have been repaired by David Ryan Sails and are now on board - we should get a season out of them until the new furling No 1 and main are finished. The No 2 has been converted for furling with an UV strip in the meantime. The trisail and storm jib are still serviceable and a No 3 put away. I was able to recover various blocks so the main sheet is now working and a bit more mucking about with the vang blocks should result in a yacht that can sail (at least in Western Port - no Sydney to Hobart yet).

The water heater mounts are being prepared behind the engine between the rudder stock and engine exhaust. We purchased a 25lt Kuuma heater which, with mm to spare, just fits into the cockpit locker - then hopefully through into its home position.

A door between the saloon and head has been constructed and fitted (numerous times) and is getting close to being the correct size. The problems again are the numerous curves involved.






January 2009 -

Strong points in the cockpit, water heater fitted, cockpit anchor winch switch fitted, halyard tidies installed, saloon door fitted - awfully close now. Lazy jacks, jack stays, finish plumbing and electrical work still to go.

15 January 2009 after 20 long months of effort we are sailing again.

With a 20 knot breeze, a 25 year old mainsail, No 2 headsail we could still manage around 9 knots over ground (a couple of knot tide helps). A very happy skipper (after a nervous start - I was more concerned about getting in and out of the pen without scratches and embarassments). As it turned out MM handled beautifully in reverse, forward, under power or sail.

Thanks to all who worked on her to bring her back to what most onlookers think is a new boat.

Wiring of the anchor winch and toilet near enough to complete - continuing with the plumbing which is still a few days away. Various pieces of trim to be installed - aiming for an April completion. Craig has fitted a beautifully crafted gas bottle holder on the stern and we now have a whisker pole on board.

February 2009 -

Work continues on the water heater, plumbing and electrics while waiting on sails. There is the matter of cabin trim that I've also been putting off and the laminex in the head that remains unfinished.

Almost completed galley.

Plumbing nearly completed - pressurised water OK except for a connection on the galley flick mixer - it leaks. Hint - don't disconnect hoses with the system pressurised. Open the taps beforehand! Otherwise get wet.

Still a few leaks in the pressurised water to be sorted. Toilet electrics now finished but winch yet to be tested. Permanent 500W invertor has been installed and some fine tuning of the switchboard. The hot water connection to the motor is now resolved after noticing a photo of a Volvo 2030D on a Bavaria34 which had hot water - two plugs on the front of the motor is where the takeoff and return connections are made. Also, now thinking about an emergency crank for the motor - the flywheel looks like it takes one but there has to be a decompression release somewhere on the engine.

March 2009 -

Canvas hatch covers have now been installed, winch tested and quarter berth opening port installed. Finally some rain in Melbourne - lots of leaks. couple of the windows, multiple spots around hatches. Re-tightened all window screws, and a bit of epoxy here and there overcame the majority. Fitted the locker doors in the head. Checked oven and grill on the stove.