Mucking Around in Boats



September 2011 -

Slipped and bottom check - not too bad, just a couple of spots that I didn't prepare properly last slip but overall very clean. While she is out I'll do a couple of maintenance things. Did quite a bit of sanding back to the fibreglass in places which stops the flaking. Will need to be taken back to the glass at some stage. Just patching for now.

Caught up in trying to increase the membership of the yacht club - from about 16 we are now getting closer to 35.

January 2012 -

At last some sailing - a little in Bass Strait and a lot in Western Port. Still finding little things to do. No big projects under way. Put another 20m of 8mm chain on and a snubber line. Purchased a hand held VHF. Tried out a code zero heady. Refrigeration and desal watermaker on the list.

March 2012 -

Easter excursion from Yaringa to Martha Cove (about 70nm) and return a few days later. Uneventful passages with little breeze.

June 2012 -

Sick of having to wait on the tides at Yaringa. Channel silting up rapidly so decided, along with many others, to move to Hastings (Westernport Marina). Little more money but superior facilities.

Various excursions around Westernport and Flinders but little venturing further.

December 2012 - March 2013

Relined the ice box and installed an Isotherm refrigerator. Purchased a cheap 4hp Mercury outboard, a Zodiac Liferaft and No 5 Sarca anchor. Tried my hand at sewing by making a slightly bigger and longer mainsail boom bag.

April 2013 -

Slipped. Weight according to the travel lift 10 tonne - way over what it should be - expected around 7 with the added bottom glass and accumulated added comforts. Looked again at the hull - same problems as the hull dried - cracking of the antifoul and some flaking. Same old problem of the micro balloon filler epoxy not cured so it absorbs water (probably not 3 tonnes worth) so decided to remove it back to the glass and redo it with new materials, properly applied filler (minimum fairing), a barrier coat and antifoul.

Installed a stern ladder and redid the plumbing in the galley. Other odd jobs plus a engine service and mount for the Life Raft.


May 2013 -

The soda blasting brought back the hull to the glass. Apart from a few spots lacking resin and it being a bit rough the foundation was found to be very good. Lightly sanded back then filler applied - interesting that the filler (vinyl ester) wouldn't go off. Next day removed it and tried with epoxy - cured straight away which made us think that the resin mixed with the micro balloons was vinyl ester - and that epoxy was used on the glass - whatever happened it wasn't done properly. Filled the spots with epoxy base, sanded and applied coats of Jotun Mastic97, 2 pack underwater primer, barrier coat and 2 coats Hempel Olympic. Weight estimated on return to the water was 8 tonne which is closer to what I'd expect - is it possible to be carrying 2 tonne of moisture around?

So now it will be interesting to see how it goes in 12 months.


November 2013 -

Decided that the main sheet and traveller were inhibiting cockpit improvements (after delivering a very comfortable centre cockpit Bavaria with enclosed cockpit). Had Fleming Marine fabricate a solid bridge in front of the dodger and an additional saddle on the boom. Cut the old traveller to size and installed - much improved comfort and no noticeable inconvenience apart from traveller being a bit awkward to adjust (rarely adjusted anyway) and more limited range.

December 2013 -

Decided to do away with the dinghy on the foredeck for aesthetic reasons - went to a good home on an Adams 12. Meanwhile bought an Aakron YM250 which will be stored below.


August 2014 -

Purchased a Honda 2.3 air cooled 4 stroke outboard and swapped my 4Hp Mercury for a boom brake.

September 2014 -

Hauled out for an antifoul and service to the engine. Hull in great condition so it looks like the last fix has worked.

November 2014 -

Relocated to Port Phillip, initially at Melbourne Marina for Christmas shopping and installation of a bimini (cheap version from Whitworths that works quite well. Shorten a couple of legs and fitted perfectly with about 4 inches between it and the dodger allowing unimpeded view over the top of the dodger. Also shortened the danbouy so it fits in the tube on the stern.

Difficulty in starting the motor intermittently.